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Classic Prince Edward Island Vacation Home

Click to see enlarged image of the entranceWexford Heritage House features everything needed to make your PEI holiday a memorable one. Take a look and picture yourself relaxing on PEI this summer!

When my family and I spent a week at the Wexford Heritage House, I can honestly say that it was the happiest, most relaxed vacation we have ever spent.  The house made this anti-morning person greet each day with enthusiasm and a smile.  We all simply could not wait to spend our days walking in the fields, exploring the beach, and cooking the divine local foods.  But the most delightful and surprising thing was that I went on vacation, and found myself at home.  Rachel S. Georgia, July 2008

We chose the house from the Internet and felt that we found the best house on the island for our vacation!
The sight of the house from the road was welcoming and really beyond words. 
I exceeded my personal bike-riding goal with many rides around Rice Point, Canoe Cove, and Rocky Point.  Breathtaking. Carole and Family, Connecticut, July 2005


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